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Voodoo Juice je zařazen do nejvyšší třídy kořenových stimulátorů díky prospěšným bakteriím. Obsahuje větší škálu ůčinějších prospěšných mikroorganismů, než jakýkoliv jiný druh.
Testy a pěstitelé na celém světě posoudili tyto výhody Voodoo Juice:
Zvýšení kořenové hmoty až o 117% - větší květy, poráží rostlinné patogeny- rostliny jsou v bezpečí. Zvyšuje dostupnost a vstřebávání živin, vytváří růstové látky, podporuje větší kořenovou hmotu pro lepší růst a větší úrodu. Zvyšuje růst prospěšných bakterií a plísní na ochranu kořenů, uvolňuje do půdy zamčené živiny, jako třeba fosfor. 
Nezáleží na tom, v čem pěstujete (rockwool, fosfor, aeroponii, NFT, rašelina, zemina, kokosové vlákno nebo jiný druh), Voodoo Juice proniká do kořenů a tím maximalizuje všechny dostupné místa v kořenové zóně (např. v květináči či jiné nádobě) a tím dosáhnete na všechny živiny.

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Dávkování 2 ml na litr po celou dobu růstu a v prvních dvou týdnech květu.

Follow This Simple Feed Chart Designed by our Research Team

  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7
Voodoo Juice 2 mL/L 2 mL/L          

Voodoo Juice is a liquid solution consisting of five strains of microbes, one of which is a nitrogen fixer. These microbes colonise the plant's roots facilitating the conversion of nutrients both organic and chemical. Voodoo Juice & Piranha make a great combo.

The must-have magic formula for healthy roots! Voodoo juice contains microbes that colonise the root system facilitating the conversion of nutrients - both organic and chemical. Root mass is directly proportional to yield, so the health of your plant’s root system is a top priority. Every litre of Voodoo Juice contains 50 billion microbes! Voodoo Juice converts nutrients into forms that become bio-available to the plants while also stimulating explosive root growth. Plants are better able to acquire vital nutrients and moisture.

Your plants' roots are like buried treasure when you discover how easy it is to maximize their function and to achieve optimum harvests.

You take care of your roots by utilizing their ability to form symbiotic relationships with beneficial fungi and bacteria. These relationships help your roots intake nutrients.

Beneficial microbes break down old root material, and provide nutrition.

On top of that, microbes provide aeration so oxygen can reach further to penetrate more into roots. They also capture nitrogen and help make phosphorus more available, which you are aware of as essential, major nutrients for your plants.

Given that beneficial microbes contribute to a more natural, better-functioning root zone environment, what is the best way to place beneficial microbes into the hydroponics root zone?

To answer this question, Advanced Nutrients scientists conducted a multi-phase research project to create beneficial microbes that give Voodoo Juice that the following documented plusses for your garden:

Maximum-development of roots on your seedlings, transplants and clones

Your roots have enhanced branching, root density, root mass

Enhanced efficiency of nutrient intake, saving you time and money

Maximize growth and flowering
You see how beneficial microbes products are good for your garden, but yes it's confusing and frustrating when you go to a hydroponics store and see beneficial microbes formulas made by different manufacturers. Your obvious question is which of these is going to give me the biggest bang for my buck.

To answer your question, understand there are two very distinct processes manufacturers can choose from when they want to offer you microbes products.

The most common process is when a hydroponics company calculates that it can save on production costs by hiring a third-party company to bulk produce/bulk combine microbes without testing them for specific plant appropriateness or microbial compatibility. And in the process they forfeit supervision of manufacturing and quality control.

Not only that, but their process includes a generic view of microbes. For example, when someone talks about the microbe "Bacillus subtilis," that strain name is really just the tip of the iceberg... it's exactly like saying "General Motors" to describe a car, and you have no idea if it's a Pontiac or a Chevy.

And if it's a Chevy, it could be either a Malibu or Corvette. So if you're lucky, you got the Corvette - but you're still left guessing if your Corvette has the 300 hp motor or if it's a ZR1 Corvette with the 620 horsepower motor! That's how much difference there is between individual types of "Bacillus subtilis" microbes.

Obviously we absolutely make sure Voodoo Juice microbes are always the ZR1 Corvette with 620 horsepower motor, not the Chevy Malibu!

Here's how we do it...

Advanced Nutrients hires the sharpest microbiologists in the world. One of them is especially impressive: she has THREE Ph.D. degrees! We have a team of scientists testing and breeding hundreds of sub-varieties of Bacillus Subtilis and other beneficial microbes in a continual research program. In fact over the last two years Voodoo Juice's root-producing abilities have been increased by 117%.

It's a known fact that specific beneficial microbes work better with certain plants than others. That's why we put so much time and money into our breeding program. We're driven to find the needle in the haystack of microbes that work absolutely the best for the plants you grow.

Our scientists demand that we buy them all the expensive, precision equipment needed to identify each microbial strain's special characteristics and compatibility with each other that make them "SuperStrains." That's why our microbes are also extremely fast-replicating so they quickly colonize root zones for rapid results (Yes, we test for fast versus slow replicating microbes).

Voodoo Juice is NOT outsourced. We're the only hydroponics nutrient company in the world manufacturing all our microbial products ourselves with a full-time Ph.D. microbiologist personally supervising all aspects of production at all times. (The same is true for our Piranha and Tarantula root zone products)

Each microbe strain is individually bred (not in a bunch of vats or tubs) in a purpose-built 10,000 liter breeding reactor. This is a very critical, time consuming step, but it's necessary because different strains of beneficial microbes breed at different rates and we have to ensure total uniformity and maximum colony forming units (CFU's). After breeding, the microbes are taken to the evaporation tower and dried, and then all eight strains in Voodoo Juice are carefully recombined.

To ensure Voodoo Juice has very long shelf life and superior viability, Voodoo's microbes are put into hibernation with an "antagonist" compound that keeps the microbes dormant until you mix Voodoo Juice into a nutrient reservoir and the antagonist is diluted.


As soon as the antagonist is diluted, Voodoo's microbes immediately exit dormancy, replicate quickly, and burst into action for you by wrapping themselves around and penetrating into roots, maximizing flower-boosting hormones, and enhancing root size and function.
The bottom line is you procure Voodoo Juice and feed your roots to get more vigorous plants and mega-potent flowers. This is a basic but important step you can easily take today to upgrade the nutrient health and productivity of your garden right away.

Note: At Advanced Nutrients, we do not use paclobutrazol, daminozide, or any other banned plant growth regulators in our products. 

ATTENTION: Voodoo Juice is completely compatible with all non pH Perfect® Base Nutrients and all competitors Base Nutrients and Supplements.